When selling a home, there are traditional ways, and non-traditional ways of letting people know your home is for sale. When working with clients, I always consider the most memorable ways to create more interest in your listing by buyers. The end goal is always to get people to actually visit your home and make an offer. The latter part is the most important in selling your home of course. New technologies are coming up as potential methods to advertise, and to be sure, these will change with time. 10 years ago, 3D photography or virtual walk-throughs were all the rage. We still see them, but not as often.

Take a look at a recent listing video for this beautiful home in Eagan, Minnesota. You can see the listing page HERE.

 If you’re considering selling your home, it is important to know how your agent will market it. I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach though – not every home or listing needs a drone video, as cool as they are. We work through the benefits and risks of each advertising method to determine which fits your needs best.

Not every home benefits from a walk-through video, drone photography, or even a sign out front. In today’s real estate market, however, every home benefits from pictures of a clean, well-lit home with good curb appeal. Talk to us today to learn how we can market your listing best!