Programs available to homeowners for Energy Star appliance upgrades

Whether you’re looking to purchase a home or already a homeowner, you probably are aware that things like property taxes or other expenses related to your home can greatly affect it’s affordability. As a result, homeowners (as well as potential buyers) are wise to consider ways to save on regular expenses or modifications to your home. One way you might not be aware of to do this is through energy conservation programs like Energy Wise MN. Available to members of electrical cooperatives around the Twin Cities and out-state Minnesota, these cooperatives provide the power to thousands of residents. To promote upgrades to appliances in favor of higher efficiency units, Energy Wise MN and local energy cooperatives are offering rebates to homeowners who purchase qualifying units in several categories:

Heating and Cooling
  • Heat Pumps
  • Central Air Conditioning
  • Cycled Air Conditioning
  • Electric Thermal Storage Heating Systems
  • ECM / Electronically  Commutated Furnace Motor
  • Dehumidifier
  • Refrigerator
  • Freezer
  • Working Refrigerator / Freezer Harvest
Water Heaters
  • Heat Pump Water heater
  • Electric water Heater
  • Interruptible Electric Water Heater
  • LED Bulbs and Holiday String sets
  • CFL Bulbs
  • LED Yard Light
  • Pool Pump Variable Speed Motor
  • Heat Pump Pool Heater
  • Electric Vehicle Charger Installation
  • Solar Installation
  • Energy STAR New Home Construction

Who Qualifies?

Extending from the Southwest portion of Minnesota up to the Arrowhead, Cooperatives across Minnesota and the greater metro area are part of the Energy Wise program. Metro area cooperatives include Minnesota Valley Electrical Cooperative/MVEC (Southwest Metro), Dakota Electric (Southeast Metro), Wright-Hennepin EC (West Metro) and Connexus (North and Eastern Twin Cities suburbs). If you are currently a customer of one of these cooperatives you may have already received literature regarding these rebates. If you haven’t or are not sure about which cooperative you are part of, check Energy Wise’s Co-Op finder page here.

Rebates for Minnesota homeowners on qualifying appliances

Program Highlights

Depending on the area you are looking to upgrade, you can save as much as $4000 dollars on big projects, $75 on standard appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, and dehumidifiers as well as $500-$500 on heating and cooling equipment. For complete details and rebate forms, see the Energy Wise MN site or your local electrical cooperative. 

What if I’m not a co-op member?

Most energy providers, both electrical and natural gas providers, have some sort of rebate program available for customers. If you’re looking to upgrade or replace a current appliance, it’s well worth checking with your provider to see what the specifics of each program are. Centerpoint Energy as well as Excel Energy have rebate programs in Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

Energy Savings Beyond

The primary benefit of upgrade units may well be in the long-term use and related cost savings. Keep in mind that using higher efficiency appliances should result in lower consumption and lower monthly savings on your bill. All of this is incremental, but over time can mean substantial savings. Just do a little research before your next purchase and you can reap the benefits!