Boutique Style – Creek Realty

When I say Creek Realty is a boutique agency that specializes in catering to our clients, you probably want to know exactly what that means. I’m happy to tell you. Boutique: exactly what makes Creek Realty a step better than the rest.

You’ve probably noticed, there’s a big difference between shopping in a large, depersonalized store and a creative boutique. One large store is the same as another. You can’t get help when you need it most. No one knows or cares who you are. The large stores are only interested in numbers. They use assistants who have assistants. They call it the “Team” or “Group“, I see it as an assembly line. With multiple chances for a break down.

However, a boutique focuses on offering a unique, unsurpassed, high-end, customized service. Without the big store and franchise price tag.

That’s what we deliver. Which is one of the many reasons over 90% of our business is from referrals.

Of course, we’re also high tech. In today’s world that should be a given. But we’re more than that. Our priority is serving you with YOUR best interests our goal.

Creek Realty Delivering: Boutique style, unsurpassed, high end service to an exclusive clientele regardless of the size or market value of the property.

Locally owned, full time experienced realtors. When you call we answer. Local realtors to serve you better, Creek Realty.